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Pasadena Plans: Scaled Down, Still Spendy

(Photo via PSN)

The Pasadena Star-News takes a look at recently revised plans for the Art Center College of Design's hilltop campus at 1700 Lida Street. The new plan calls for adding 445 students, instead of the 1,000 proposed, and keeping the 48,000-square-foot Frank Gehry-designed design research center. There are no plans to retain the 344-space garage, according to the paper, while a bunch of trees are also being kept and/or taken down. Close to raising $75 million, the school is holding more fundraising efforts. But school officials decline to say how much the whole thing will cost. Hmm, a lot? Meanwhile, neighbors are worried about (what else?) traffic.
· The art of expansion [Pasadena Star-News]