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CurbedWire: Lucky CD #13

SILVER LAKE - We know you all LOVE hearing about Pinkberry, that's why we write about it so much and with such enthusiasm, cuz you LOVE it so much. A reader has a Pinkberry update. Did we mention Pinkberry? Yes we did. Here's that update on Pinkberry we just promised you. Pinkberry. "Have you received word yet of the new pinkberry coming to Silver Lake?! I drove by the Rowena/Hyperion intersection, near the Trader Joes and Gelson's and saw what used to be a Chinese take out restaurant boarded up with pink plywood and a Pinkberry sign slapped on. Silver Lake is now officially gentrified." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - Council President Eric Garcetti is responding point by point to the "Do Real Planning" 14 point plan that we highlighted briefly a couple of days ago. So far he's up to Point Numero 5: "Advance Homes for Every Income." We're excitedly awaiting his response to Point 11, which encourages planning staffers to stop bending to the political will of Council Offices. We're on pins and needles. [CurbedWire Inbox/CD13 Blog]