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Rumblings & Bumblings: Relocation and a Park

Rumblings & Bumblings returns after a week's hiatus. We have two (2) questions this week. We're pretty sure we have more, but our inbox is a rat's nest and pulling out questions not labeled R&B is a laborious process. So have at it, and if you feel like answering or asking please email us swiftly at

[Old-timey Wilshire and San Vicente via]

1. Los Angeles: A questioner wants some of those sweet relocation dollars but isn't sure if he qualifies. "My apartment building has been sold to a school that plans to turn them into dorms. I pay $850 a month and have a roommate. Do I get a relocation fee? How much can I hope to get? Tell me everything there is to know about it!"

2. West LA: Is a park coming soon and what do they mean by soon? "What is the status of the park at the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente? They have had a "coming soon" sign up for years and the only progress that has been made has been to install a very expensive looking fence. The adjacent neighborhoods are mostly all multi-family and few of us have yards. A park of any size would be a great gift to the area.

I've emailed all the powers (Arnie, Waxman, Boxer and Feinstein, Rosendahl, Antonio, both LA Times' Steves) and heard nothing. It just seems really ridiculous to me since the land is there, the grass is there and the fact that LA lacks park space is no secret."