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Still Remembering Elaine Young

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Elaine Young, the original "Realtor to the Stars," still remains one of our most searched topics. She died in April of 2006 of cancer, yet we continue to hear about her. The latest in memoriam comes from The Fight Doctor Ferdie Pacheco, who comments on our post from last April noting her passing. Seriously, The Fight Doctor read our blog! We're complete.

Elaine was a close friend of mine. We really loved each other. She was funny, sweet, and seemed interested in everyone. I visited her at her home a couple weeks before she died. She seemed perfectly fine; feeling badly, but STILL making phone calls to prospective clients--she would whisper to me over the phone, "Do I sound sick?" She was a riot and her dying broke the mold. I am still in shock, and I know people that loved her, are still not over it.

By Ferdie Pacheco at May 28, 2007 8:16 PM We're sorry we never got the chance to meet her. She sounds like a hoot.
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