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CurbedWire: Toilets for Tourists

[Image courtesy of Don Garza]

DOWNTOWN - Both the NY Times and UnBiegediscover Seven Grand at precisely the same moment. However, the NY Times did not attend the birthday celebration of our esteemed co-editor. UnBeige, however, did. [NY Times/UnBeige]

DOWNTOWN - How much does it cost to prevent people from peeing in the streets? A quarter of a million dollars, apparently. LA Downtown News and blogdowtown lets us know the public toilet at Fifth and Hill is open for business. Three more are expected to be in installed in the next few months to serve Skid Row. The toilets cost users $.25 per flush near Pershing Square and the Skid Row ones will be gratis. [LA Downtown News/blogdowntown]

BEVERLY HILLS - Our favorite guilty pleasure, the Real Estalker, reveals that Lisa Marie Presley, aka the ex. Mrs. Michael Jackson, and oh yeah, her dad was a singer or something and likes to wear spangly jumpsuits, also runs a celebrity flophouse. High up in Beverly Hills, in Summit Circle, Lisa Marie is currently renting her place out to Cate Blanchett and family and previous tenants include Shaquille O'Neal and Pete Sampras. [Real Estalker]