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Storefronting: Intermix Mixing It Up On Robertson

[Image of Long Island Intermix from Leftish]

BEVERLY HILLS - A few months ago the NY Times reported the epic battle that was waging between high end, New York-based boutiques Intermix and Scoop.Now it seems the battle has reached this coast, with Intermix the first to plant its well-heeled foot in LA with a new outpost on Robertson Blvd to open this fall. Of course, while it may not face off against Scoop, it will have to contend with Lisa Kline, Kitson and the other celebrity retail clusterfucks on that block. Not to be outdone, Scoop is rumored to be opening in Malibu.

LOS ANGELES - Darling, its not enough to look good. You must also smell good. L'Occitane, the European perfume and beauty purveyor, is slated to open its first LA-based duty-free shop in LAX. The LAX shop is part of its larger strategy to open 25 new airport retail stores by the end of this year.

LOS ANGELES - While we have yet another place to buy $150 cotton T shirts and $22 face wash, we will have one less place to pick up that butterfly canopy we've been eyeing. Discovery Channel Stores are shutting down all 130 of their retail operations by October. LA-based DJM Realty will be subleasing the mall and standalone stores throughout the country.