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WeHo Legislative Report: Moratorium Tabled; Pinkberry Hate Reignites

The WeHo News reports that the proposed moratorium on development in the City's R3 and R4 zones has been tabled until the June 4th meeting. Apparently, they lacked the votes to pass the hastily written moratorium, which was designed to stop new development from displacing residents and not providing adequate density. Proponents want the moratorium to provide them with enough time to develop a new housing plan for the City and to "end the cycle of angst."

In other cycle of angst news, fro-faux-yo outlet Pinkberry is once again going before WeHo's Business License Commission to discuss the operation of the store that started the madness on Hauser Huntley. "At the May 29 hearing Pinkberry is reportedly seeking an expansion of their operating hours as well as the removal of the requirement that it post a security guard." However, the article notes that the Huntley location still has problems, mostly due to the scourge of celebrities and paparazzi who frequently visit the store. The traffic appears to once again be threatening the safety of neighborhood children who will no doubt be run over by Pinkberry crazed motorists. It's the circle of life, err, the cycle of angst, WeHo-style.
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