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Glendale's Baby Petronas Towers

A reader emails us quick details on the new twin, 16 story, mixed-use condo towers proposed for Downtown Glendale. The development, known as the Alexander, will feature what is touted as "a dramatic upper-level pedestrian bridgeway" connecting the two towers. However, it was apparently judged too dramatic to be shown in any renderings on the site. Via our reader:

196 units, five live/work units, and 2,349 square feet of retail/café. Two 12 story towers on top of four levels of parking and up to three levels of subterranean parking. 172 feet to the roof deck. Project site is the corner of Orange and Wilson in Glendale. Developed by IntraCorp.

The project will also include a rooftop lap pool and sauna, and chaste couples who instead of full throated tongue wrestling, will only bump foreheads and mash covered private parts. Interest list forming now.
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