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On the Market: Mini-White House in Mt. Washington

Another excellent example of Mt. Washinton's smorgasbord of architectural styles. This home designed by John C. Austin, of City Hall, the Shrine and Griffith Observatory fame, presents an inspiring locale for west coasters considering a future run for the Presidency. You can practice declaring crazy wars in your bathtub - "Rubber Ducky, your tyranny will not stand..." Featuring 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, the home is an architectural landmark and also offers opportunities for commercial uses. Suggestions from the realtor include doctor, dentist, lawyer, and computer store.
What/Where: Single Family Home/B&B/Office Space, Mt. Washington
Sq. Footage: 4,392 SF home on 9,482 SF lot
Retail Price: $1,567,000
· 901 ISABEL ST, LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 []