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BREAKING: Reggie Caught

Memorial Day swimmers in Lake Machado can once again bathe themselves in chicken entrails without fear of being eaten by Reggie the Alligator. Local news reports that the alligator has been caught. He was caught after 649 days in the lake by Parks & Rec as he surfaced to eat food and catch some rays. For those not in LA, helicopters are following the white truck carrying Reggie broadcasting the news live as he goes to the LA Zoo.

UPDATE: Tom LaBonge reports that Reggie will now be housed at The LA Zoo in Griffith Park. He thanks Janice Hahn for sending Reggie to the Zoo where he will join six other gators.

UPDATE: Janice Hahn says the gator was wrestled by three Parks & Rec employees who wrapped duct tape around Reggie's snout and placed a t-shirt over his eyes while the poor gator hissed. He is reported to be 7 or 8 feet long, or possibly wide, but that wide part is doubtful. CBS 2 shows Reggie being carried in to quarantine near the zoo.