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A Look Inside Danny Masterson's Home

Multihyphenate actor-DJ-restaurateur-poker player-Scientologist Danny Masterson is selling his Beachwood Canyon home, asking price $1.59 million. While the Realestalker provides his? her? usual insightful analysis, a reader writes in to let us know a little more about the house That 70's Show built. Our tipster reveals:

1. This guy loves his Scientology. Nearly every room had a plaque of affirmations (or whatever they call them), books on the subject, etc. 2. This guy loves himself. A good 25% of the pop art in the house are drawings and photos and sketches of himself. Oh, and all the mail comes to his inside "joke" names of "D. Punch." Clever self-reference.

3. This guy loves his surveillance. Forget exterior cameras (par for the course in celeb-owned Hollywood Hills houses), there are 17 INTERIOR cameras, planted club-style (in those smoked glass orbs) in EVERY room. Danny can watch the comings and goings all over the house from the control grid in his Master closet/safe room.

4. This guy loves faux wall finishes and high-tech picture and sound.

5. While very interestingly and expensively re-modeled, it suffers from "I bought this when my show first started money and no matter how much I fix it up, there are flaws that can't be changed." Those include: a 180 degree view (and surround sound) of cars whizzing down the 101 to go with your city to ocean views, right at eye level; tiny 1920s garages UNDER the house that can't fit much anything bigger than a Porsche (Danny's pimped out rapper-style SUV's sit open on the street, dirty and dusty), a street itself a little "close" to the un-gentrified first block North of Franklin. Apartment complexes 1/2 a block in either direction, its the most fixed up house on the street, etc.

Secret cameras in every room? Yet another reason we don't dance on stripper poles in rock star's home.