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Going Green to the Extreme: Living on the Farm

The Wall Street Journal reports on the latest in "green" living - subdivisions on working farms. Better than gazing upon the local golf course, these farming communities aren't necessarily in the boondocks, either. Many are close to cities, and seem to be attempting to strike a balance between community needs for more housing and a desire to preserve farm land:

The projects are one form of conservation development, a movement that aims to balance growth with preservation that has been accepted by municipalities in recent years as a way to maintain open space or rural character. They also are a way for developers to distinguish themselves in a slowing housing market, catering to people's increased interest in environmental sustainability and desire for locally grown food.And when they say local, they mean LOCAL. Like from the chicken coop to the dinner table. But don't think just because you're living amidst goats and pigs (the animal kind, we can't vouch for the neighbors) that housing prices are cheap: home prices range from $200,000 to $1 million. That's a lot of scratch to live next to chickens.
· For Sale: Condo With Chicken Coop [WSJ]