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CurbedWire: NoHo Gets Food

NORTH HOLLYWOOD - It's not a Trader Joe's. Not a Whole Foods. Not a Tesco. Not even a Ralph's. It's a Hows and it belongs to NoHo. But we ask, does it have Tillamook cheese?? Via a reader: "Let the gentrification begin! The new Hows Marketplace opened at Noho Commons this past week. It's big and shiny and even has a wine bar. This is the Arts District, of course, so there is art in the form of the parking garage, no less! Photographic evidence in the Curbed LA flickr photo pool." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN - Via way of our press release catcher - just hold up in the air and you never know what PR filler you'll find - we learn that our dear friends at the South Group have received two landmark sustainability awards from the USGBC for being so darn sustainable and green. They're also getting LEED credentialed. "Elleven, South's first residential tower completed in April 2006, will receive at least a Silver LEED certification from the USGBC this summer, followed by Luma (scheduled for completion this spring) and Evo (under construction and scheduled for completion in spring 2008)." [CurbedWire Inbox]

SAN DIMAS - An obsessive Tesco stalker emails us with new news that links to renderings, which we of course love. Glad to see our nuttiness isn't going unappreciated. "Idly surfing Loopnet in a periodic check on my UK brethren, I came across the best elevation so far of what a new F&E store looks like - in San Dimas - plus an elevation of a store built into an existing location." [CurbedWire Inbox/ Loopnet]