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Out with the homeless, in with the tourists

The San Jose Mercury News gives a whirlwind tour of the changing face of Downtown LA, declaring it "the next great downtown" in the vein of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston. What's driving this revival? First, it's the influx of the downtown loftees and second, is the sudden, massive reduction in the homeless around Skid Row. Seems they're disappearing faster than honey bees and nobody knows where they're going... oh wait, they're in our neighborhood now. But never-you-mind, the evolving downtown, soon to be pleasured with the arrival of LA Live, still maintains it's turn of the century charm and features such amenities as Santee Alley, Olvera Street, and Clifton's Cafeteria. Who needs a Target?
· Could L.A. be the next great downtown? [Mercury News]