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On the Market: From Blissville to Splitsville

This is certainly a new one for us. We've seen the "bank foreclosure" sales popping up all over the place, but this may be the first "Divorce Sale" ad we've spotted. This 3 bedroom/3 bath house had so many good years left ahead of it, but things just didn't seem to work out. He wanted a jacuzzi in the rear, she wanted a fountain in the front. He wanted Caesarstone, she demanded and received granite, which he passive-aggressively reminds her of in the listing: " filled with granite countertops." Hello Mr. Bitter, table for one? Guess whose idea it was to buy the flat lot in the Sylmar Hills? They never had a chance.
What/Where: Single Broken Family Home, Sylmar
Sq. Footage: 1,895 SF home on 7,650 SF lot
Retail Price: $699,000
· 13907 TUCKER AVE, SYLMAR 91342 []