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CurbedWire: Architecture Edition

BEVERLY HILLS - We just needed an excuse to link to Jim Goldstein's web site and this is as good a reason as any: Blackburn and Sweetzer attends a fashion show at the Lautner-designed Sheats-Goldstein residence and kindly takes pictures of the house for us. Ok, maybe it's not expressly done for us, but really it is. It has to be. Just so we can link to homeowner Jim Goldstein's site, which boldly proclaims Jim specializes in architecture, basketball, fashion and something called "reality." We're not familiar with that last one, but we dig the architecture coverage. [Blackburn and Sweetzer]

SOUTH LA - The Paul Williams-designed Second Baptist Church is about to undergo a $5 million renovation after years of fundraising and planning. The LA Times offers us a lengthy history of this storied building, the first black Baptist church in Southern California, including a light-skinned real estate agent who was able to "pass" and buy the lot on behalf of the church in the 1920s. [LA Times]

DOWNTOWN - It's baaack. The LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats begins this week with a screening of North By Northwest at the Orpheum Theater. If you haven't yet bought your tickets to this one, you're SOL. "North By Northwest" and "Roman Holiday" are both sold out, but you can still enjoy the song-and-dance stylings of Jimmy Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy and a few others this season. [Downtown LA Scene]