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Eastern Columbia: If You Lived Here, We'd Be Your Friends

Craigslist is rife with listing for the Eastern Columbia building, and while we're happy with the stucco crap shack where we currently live, we're hoping one of you will rent or buy a place in this turquoise terra cotta gem and invite us over to hang out by the pool. You really don't have to feed us, although Marissa might need a mojito or two. Click away...

· $2000 / 1br - Great Fourth Floor Unit at the Eastern Columbia Building [Craigslist]
· $3200 / 2br - Nice unit, great pool and gym. [Craigslist]
· $2800 / 1br - Fantastic 10th Floor unit at the Eastern Columbia building. [Craigslist]
· $3000 / 2br - Nice Corner Unit Loft at the Eastern Columbia [Craigslist]
· $2350 / 1br - Beautiful Historical Building with an amazing roof top pool [Craigslist]

or maybe you want to buy...

· $880000 Sexy corner unit at the Eastern Columbia Building [Craigslist]
· $514500 Historic Eastern Columbia Lofts [Craigslist]

Eastern Columbia Lofts

849 South Broadway, , CA 90014 Visit Website