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Redondo Beach Container Home Fully Contained

[picture of container home by Andre Movsesyan]

After months of anticipation, the Redondo Beach container home from DeMaria Design Associates appears to be done. In fact the press release in our inbox says so. Consider that confirmation. The home, which we previously mentioned here, uses "adapted/recycled ISO cargo containers" for its structure. It's the first two-story residential cargo container based structure approved under Uniform Building Code standards. It's also probably the first structure using stacked crates not designed by a 4 year old for a cat. Via the release:

DeMaria states, "... the containers are icons of the global age - in port cities, whether you're in Newark or LA, stacked containers create a powerful imagery on the landscape." Combined with technologies from the aerospace industry in neighboring El Segundo, these components have been brought together with traditional stick frame construction to create this "hybrid" home. We're dispatching a Curbed correspondent to check out the house ASAP and snap more pics. In the meantime, DeMaria is working on other cargo container projects including single family homes, multi-family and mixed use projects in Venice and if you can believe it, a community center/Church breaking ground tomorrow in Boyle Heights.