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Rumblings & Bumblings: What Happened to My Road?

We were busy yesterday so had no chance to post R&B. Today, we're less busy and can post. Therefore we request you offer your insight to these questions. If you have a response to a question or a new question, please email us at and we'll post feedback on Friday.

[plans via LA City BOE via LA CityNerd]

1) Marina del Rey: Save the guacamole. "I heard from a Playa Vista council member that the El Torito in the Marina was being torn down and redone. Is that true? or is this guy just blowing smoke again?"

2) Atwater Village: Starbucks continues to tease the AV. "What's up w/ that Starbucks in Atwater Village? It's had a "Coming Soon" sign on it for 5 months."

3) Hollywood: Question and rant, or questionable rant? We can't decide. "So I go on vacation for a few weeks and return to my home in Hollywood, only to find that the southbound side of Highland Blvd. from 101 down to Franklin has been NARROWED. It looks like the city took out the rightmost lane, but I'm not sure why.

My question for you and perhaps the rest of the curbed readership is, WHY? Is this a permanent thing or just temporary until the hotel construction on Highland is complete? Who do we turn to to issue a formal complaint? ... I also noticed that Franklin Ave. at Highland (heading east) is blocked off so that drivers can no longer turn right onto Highland. Why is the city making it so difficult to get into Hollywood??"