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CurbedWire: Art School Retail

BEVERLY GROVE - Maybe Philadelphia really is the new Brooklyn. We're getting what is perhaps the only hip export (except for, like democracy and stuff) from the City of Brotherly Love. New clothing boutique Rodan vs. Griffith is now open on West 3rd Street between La Jolla and Sweetzer. Its owners have art school cred in Philly, and retail cred with stints at Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren and Mossimo for Target. Now you can browse while you wait an hour for that table at Toast. [CurbedWire Inbox/Refinery29]

BEVERLY HILLS - A reader lets us know about a row of teardowns about to get, um, torn down in BH: "Just south of Santa Monica Blvd, on west side of Doheny. They've fenced off three-four buildings. I'm guessing they are at least 8 units a piece. I can only imagine they will tear them down would make a huge parcel." Oooh, maybe another mansion for an arabian prince? [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - LA's most powerful lobbying weapon in Sacramento? Our Mayor. Apparenly, no one can say no to Antonio when we shows up, flashes his pearly whites, presses the flesh and asks for more money or more power. But its not just his charisma and youthful good looks that influence lawmakers in Sacramento, although that helps: "Some lawmakers privately acknowledged that the mayor's personality and his potential to be governor someday played a bigger role in their decision than the bill's merits." No one wants to piss off our future governor. [LA Daily News]