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Trends We Like: Public Art Meets Private Development

When we heard about the Madrone development currently under construction on La Brea near Hollywood Blvd, we were excited because we heard it would have a new Trader Joe's in the ground floor retail. And we have that on good authority - the checkout guy at the Weho TJ's on Santa Monica. Now our trips to pick up some Two Buck Chuck and salty nuts (mmm...salty nuts) will also allow us to gaze upon some public art. Culver City art gallery LAXART and developer John Laing Homes have announced a partnership to incorporate a new public art space into the development, and a rotating series of public art projects. According to the Madrone's web site the public art space is adjacent to the staircase in the rendering above and will be glass-enclosed. John Laing Homes has provided LAXART with the funding to mount at least one new public exhibition per year.

Ah, we remember the days when you could sell a condo based just on location and some nice appliances. Those days are no more. In an ever more competitive market, developers are relying on creating "building identities." We're just grateful the art is on the OUTSIDE of the building, and we'll leave the art gallery-inspired lofts to New York.