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Beckhams Fear Getting Lost in Compton

Victoria "Posh" Beckham is worried that husband David will become lost on his commute to the Home Depot Center in Carson and end up in Watts or Compton, reports the Los Angeles Herald quoting the Daily Express.

According to a source, although the singer is very excited about shifting to LA, she is worried that Beckham, while getting to his club's football ground in Carson, will have to cross 'no-go' areas of Compton and Watts.
"Victoria's attention has been drawn to the fact that two notorious areas lie on the way to Carson, so she's insisted David gets a good navigation system in his car so he doesn't get lost in some dangerous neighbourhood," the source added. Although Beckham is cool about the long drive he has agreed to use the satnav equipment to keep his wife tension free.

Also, Now reports that the reality series planned for NBC this summer has been relegated to Bravo where it will be lost among the repeats of Top Chef and Shear Genius. Also, ESPN says that the Galaxy are claiming they will have already recouped their investment on Beckham even before his arrival in July. Also, the Daily Mail reports that Posh is wearing flower pasties on her boobs.
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