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Volcano - A Decade of Molten Memories

[image of Western and 190th Street in Torrance via flickr user santapaul]

Via the Jonsonblog, we stumbled across a fascinating flickr set capturing the movie magic behind one of the most important movies about Los Angeles of all time - Volcano. The 1997 Tommy Lee Jones/Anne Heche disaster flick turned Wilshire Blvd into a molten lava mess. Of course they couldn't really f-up Wilshire, so instead they messed up fake-Wilshire in Torrance. "Wilshire Blvd. was re-created from Fairfax to the La Brea Tar Pits at 190th Street and Western Ave In Torrance, CA... the overall scale was 5/8 I think, but the 4X4 on the side of the Peterson museum was full scale..."
· Volcano 1997 Wilshire Blvd Set (Torrance) [flickr]