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EaterTastings: How to Avoid the Arclight Cafe

Yes, we missed last week's EaterTastings last week while we supped upon New York's many bountiful feasts. But now we are grateful to be back in the land of sushi, tacos and farmer's markets. And deer head lamps.

1) Finally, another dinner option for nights at the Arclight. Michael Sutton/Adolfo Suaya's Charcoal finally opens next to the movie theater, which means we'll never have to go near the Arclight Cafe again. Hallelujah!

2) We knew it was coming. As gas prices rise, so does everything else, including restaurant prices. Still, $6 still seems like a bargain for Zankou.

3) The Abbey as food destination? Who knew? But will the buff boys in Weho really go for short ribs and grilled cheese? They don't work out 6 days a week at Crunch just to jeopardize those abs at the Abbey.

4) Mother's Day Massacre! The multi-million dollars, years in the making, Japanese restaurant Gonpachi had kind of a rough start.

5) A restaurant actually on schedule and on time? The latest Nobu, moving into the old L'Orangerie space, is hiring FOH and BOH already. Looks like the August opening date is actually pretty likely.

6) We plan on celebrating a certain Curbed co-editors birthday there next week, so we're pleased to see Eater likes Seven Grand. Note to self: going up and down four stories is not conducive to wearing high heels.