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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Downtown wants a Target

Thanks all for your excellent responses to this weeks questions. We're sure that the reader with the hard to please friends will now have some place decent to take them. For next week, please feel free to email us with your questions and comments and TIPS. We love a good tip. Email us at

1) Beverly Hills/Malibu: Two items: the Beyer House in Malibu and the Don Simpson House. Our brother site in San Francisco emailed us the link to the listing of the Simpson house at 9742 Cherokee. It's still listed at $2,995,000. And from the comments, here's the explanation of the Stevens, Beyer and Segal Houses by Mr. Lautner. "The Lautner-designed Stevens house is the one inside the Malibu Colony gates. It was designed/built in 1968 and was one of the first pieces of architecture that inspired my life-long love of design. The Beyer house is way north and was built at the end of Lautner's career. I believe the Cox/Arquette's bought the Segal House on Carbon Beach, which was designed by Lautner in about 1979, I think. I don't have any of my Lautner volumes here at work."

2) Los Angeles: There were plenty of suggestions about where to take tourists in the comments so why bother to rehash what's already been said.

3) West LA: That thing they are building at Wilshire and Barrington has a web site with a pretty rendering of the proposed mixed-use tower in pre-sooty glow (pictured). It's supposedly inspired by Vancouver style architecture. Okay.

4) Burbank: Hmmmm. No decent responses on the Hampton Inn in or near Burbank. Although a commenter reports that meth users are looking forward to the opening whenever that might be.

5) Downtown: Eric of Blogdowntown says the Downtown Ralph's will open in June, or a week or two thereof.

6) Downtown: Multiple people have heard the same 8th and Broadway rumors about a Target moving into Downtown. Eric Richardson of Blogdowntown says its wishful thinking and won't happen. We say Target is being sneaky with it's store locations, because we've heard some stuff too. Wait and see.

More next week.