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McMansion Envy #033

We kid you not. This is a real home and has not been photoshopped by us in any way. This "French Chateau" in Chatsworth may evoke memories of being mugged by a beige sweater-wearing hoodlum on the streets of Paris or frolicking in the stucco fields of Normandy. Ahh, the romance. Featuring 6 bedrooms and 7 baths, this home also features a library, bridal staircase and elevator in case your legs are too lazy to carry you up all the way to the third floor. The listing boasts a "full floor for guest or servants!" We say, why not both? This 9,161 SF chateau sits on just under an acre of the Valley's finest land. Retail Price (not including H2 in driveway): $2,900,000
· 22428 S Summit Ridge Cir, CHATSWORTH , CA 91311 []
· 22428 South Summit Ridge Circle, Chatsworth, CA 91311 [Trulia]