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We Really Miss College

A 34-year-old resident at Met Lofts complains to us: "It's all rich USC students now! I moved in last fall and it was 10 percent students. Now it's 50 percent students." Additionally, our source is unhappy about a little incident involving a drunk, frustrated USC architecture student who threw a project out of the window a few months ago. Police were called, but no citations issued. Curbed called up Met Lofts to confirm.

"Let me just point out that architecture is a very difficult field," says a rep for the building, who confirmed the incident happened. As for the claim that students are taking over the building, not true! She points out that Forest City's other building The Met probably has more students. "At Met Lofts, we have everyone--students, professionals, celebrities, athletes." Celebs! Way to distract us from the architecture student scandal! Which celebs?
· Met Lofts [Official Site]