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CurbedWire: Moratorium on Fires

DOWNTOWN - NBC4 is running a follow up to their story about the alleged safety or un-safety of Staples Center. This new report follows on the heels of the lawsuit by Staples Center against NBC4. Via KSBY6: "The station "manufactured a crisis where none existed," according to the suit filed Wednesday [May 9] in Superior Court by the Anschutz Entertainment Group." The reports run at 5pm and 11pm. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - The WeHo News reports that new Mayor John Duran plans to implement a two-year building moratorium in the City's R3 and R4 residential zones. The goal,say proponents, is to put a halt to development that is leading to "evictions and redevelopment [which] is changing West Hollywood dramatically; the people who created the lifestyle we enjoy, the tolerance, the diversity, are being pushed out of the city they created.” Developers are in opposition to the moratorium. Do you really need an explanation why? [WeHo News]