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Protesters Suss Out Sussman

[picture of protesters by Jack Rosner, Daily Bruin]

The Daily Bruin has a good write up on yesterday's protest of UCLA adjunct lecturer Eric Sussman by 40 tenants of Sussman-owned properties in Echo Park. Apparently it was mostly silent and the protesters didn't march into the classroom or get tasered. And there was no verbal attacking or fisticuffs, however the protesters did hand over a piggy bank with the words “the greediest landlord/professor of the year award” to Mr. Sussman who accepted it without a word. Zzzzzz... Some of you were questioning the Section 8 angle. Here's what the kids at the DB say:

Sussman, who partly owns properties in the Echo Park region in the northwest area of Los Angeles [they mean northeast - ed.], is accused of illegally evicting low-income tenants, many of whom say they qualify for subsidized rent under Section 8 of the U.S. Housing Act. Landlords cannot evict Section 8 tenants without good cause.

“Examples of good cause include serious or repeated violations of the lease, or criminal activity that threatens the health or safety of other residents,” according to the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web site.

But Sussman said “not a single Section 8 tenant has been evicted so far, and any assertion to the contrary is false.

Tenants claim harassment. Sussman says let the courts decide. We say "fight! fight! fight!"
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