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CurbedWire: It's A Tesco, Tenant Relocation Fiesta

GLASSELL PARK - We shall never go wanting for Tesco filler. A reader emails us the latest man on the street report of the work at the Glassell Park Fresh & Easy store. The big news is that the facade of the store has been torn off (see picture above), and a shinier, more British storefront awaits the eager throngs of Northeast LAers. And our friends at the Financial Times alert us that there are officially 51 stores now announced for California, with 18 in LA County. [CurbedWire Inbox]

VENICE - Renters at Oceanview Apartments in Venice are about to get the shaft, right about.... now. reports that the historic building at 5 Rose Avenue has sold for $10.8 million to a private investor. Here's the delicious part of the story. "The property was 88% occupied at the time of the sale and includes 59 apartment units, all with ocean views, with rents ranging from $827 to $1,600. The sales price works out to $369.10 per sf, with the ground-floor retail space vacant at the time of the sale." []