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Teramachi In Little Tokyo

On our lunch break, Curbed checked out Teramachi, a new building for seniors on the corner of 3rd St. and San Pedro in Little Tokyo. Sorta bulbous and reminds us of a ship. A $42 million project, the building was put up by a developer looking to house his elderly parents (and smart guy since senior housing=now a big market). From the Downtown News: "In the early 1980s, Ronald Ohata noticed that his parents were getting older. He envisioned moving them into a condominium in Little Tokyo, where they could be near the Japanese restaurant they owned and close to their friends. " Well, 20 years later, the building is up and running. We didn't finish the article, but we certainly hope those parents have moved in and are comfortable.
UPDATE: Sorry for not finishing the article. Yes, the parents passed on.
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