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Rumblings & Bumblings: What's that gonna be?

[image of Don Simpson's couch via Radar]

1) Beverly Hills/Malibu: A reader from Philly was inspired by the reader from France. Now he feels comfortable asking some questions. Thank you Philly reader. "Was out in LA a few weeks ago and did a drive-by of the Lautner Sheats-Goldstein house on Angelo View Drive ... good times.

Do you guys have any information on the Beyer house in Malibu? I am assuming it's the Lautner house that's inside the Colony (definitely is not the Cox/ Arquette house on Carbon Beach), but not sure ...

Also, any info on if the Don Simpson house on Cherokee in BH was ever sold? Saw some postings on it at the LA Times site last fall and then ... nothing."

2) Los Angeles: Tourists in LA? And they need someplace to go. Less of an R&B and more of an opinion question. "I have some friends that are coming into LA to visit and I haven't lived here every long and they love to go places where they can take some pretty cool pics and see things that aren't so touristy, I suggested the things I only knew and they were yawning before I could finish. They said no to Venice or any beach cities unless there is something really cool to see, no on the Tar Pits, haha I knew that would hate that one and I thought shopping on Melrose would've been fun but they said no. HELP!!! They aren't snobs, they just want to do something that they can tell their friends about who have been here that they have never done." Suggestions welcome in the comments...

3) West LA: Is it an office building or something else? "What's going in at the corner of Barrington and Wilshire? I imagine it's some huge office thingy, but it'd be nice to see some confirmation and/or plans."

4) Burbank: If it's Burbank, blame the horses. "I work directly across the street from an under-construction Hampton Inn near the Burbank Airport (on Glenoaks Blvd., specifically). It has had a sign up saying "coming, Fall, 2006" for AGES. For awhile, they were making good progress, but in the last few months, it seems pretty much abandoned. It looks like it still has quite a way to go before it could open. Any ideas what's going on there? Not that I want to stay there or anything, but I do see it every day and wonder..."

5) Downtown: We expect answers. And quick. "OK, the downtown Ralph's. There's no big sign up yet and the inside looks barren. Are we really expecting a July opening?"

6) Downtown: Target rumours spreading like wildfire. "I heard that the building across from the tower theatre on the corner of 8th and Broadway had been sold and that there might be a Target moving in. Do you know anything about this?"