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Guest Speakers at UCLA to Award "Greediest Landlord"

A reader sends us sweet, sweet linkage to a story in BeyondChron about some craziness scheduled for tonight at UCLA. Here's the meat of the story:

"Today at 7:00 p.m. at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, a group of low-income tenants will enter their landlord’s real estate investment class and come face-to-face with the man who is trying to displace them and demand he stop illegal attempts to evict them. The tenants’ landlord is UCLA Professor Eric Sussman,who teaches a Real Estate Investment class to UCLA Anderson School students on Tuesday evenings. Tenants want to strip Professor Sussman of his multiple “Teacher of the Year” awards and force him to employ ethical business practices in the properties he owns. In response, tenants plan to present Sussman with an award of their own. They will attempt to give him a Piggie Bank to symbolize the “Greediest Landlord of the Year Award.

Go renters!
· Los Angeles Tenants to Confront Landlord Professor About Illegal Evictions [BeyondChron]