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It's Bike to Work Week. No, Seriously.

Apparently, May 14-18th is Bike to Work Week in all civilized parts of California. Last year, all we got was a measly day. This year, we get a whole week. The California Bike Commute web site offers some helpful tips on how to ride your bicycle to work, including:

Determine your route to work.
The route you drive to work may not be the same one to bike to work. First, choose roads that have wide outside lanes or paved shoulders. Collector streets (those that are at the half mile mark between major streets) are often a good choice. Second, drive the route during your normal commuting time to determine potential traffic problems. Third, bicycle the route on a weekend to examine the road surface for potential problem intersections and the approximate time it will take you. Dress for the Occasion.
Wear a helmet. It's also a good idea to bike in comfortable cycling clothes; either pack a bag with your work clothes, or bring your attire the day before you cycle (so they won't get wrinkled). Also make sure you have a place to change and freshen up, and keep a "kit" of toilet articles and a towel at work.

We also suggest buying a bike, which in fact, we need to do. Then we need to leave by 5 am to beat the morning rush on the 101. We may table this for now and just start strategizing for next year.
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