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Storefronting: Morning Fix

SILVER LAKE - Blogger Silver Lake Boulevard may have the answer to the mystery of what's replacing Rubbish and adjacent storefronts on Silver Lake Blvd. And a phone call is all it took. "Could it be? Could LA Mill Coffee be opening a retail branch in our home sweet home of Silver Lake, just mere steps away from us on the Boulevard? I thought we were winning the coffee lottery with Intelligentsia opening up in the Junction, but this is just crazy.... A quick call to one of the businesses involved was all it took to produce this happy tidbit for Silver Lake. Now if someone could just assure me that it's a done deal...."

WEST HOLLYWOOD - As reported previously, A.P.C. will be opening up shop in West Hollywood. The Style Forum reports that the shop will be located at 619 N. Croft, just south of Melrose. Opening in a month.

LONG BEACH - Tesco's Fresh & Easy continues to roll through all parts of metro LA. The Long Beach paper of record (?), The Beachcomber reports on the store's entry into East Long Beach at the former location of Spring Farms Market on Spring Street. Via the Beachcomber: "City of Long Beach Community and Environmental Planning Division Senior Planner Anita Garcia did confirm, “They have an application for a conditional use permit” at the Spring Farm site. In these plans, submitted in April, the company proposed a sales and storage area of about 14,000 square feet or about half of the space taken by Spring Farms. Also included in the request was an application for an alcohol sales permit."