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Mann National Reborn; A Zach Braff Miracle!

A reader emails us that the rumored closure of the Mann National theater in Westwood may be just that - a rumor. "I guess that post on franklin avenue last month wasn't accurate, since the National theater in westwood (the brown one) is still opening and is currently hiring. They're showing the new zach braff movie "the ex" this week. Tearing down a huge theater right before summer movie season wasn't the brightest idea anyways." Indeed, the theater is now open again. TJ Sullivan of Native Intelligence has the whole run-down of events that brought the theater back from the dead. This is the conclusion:

Mann Theatres no longer leases the theater building and referred questions about its operation to Tom Daugherty, who said during a brief telephone interview that he and a partner now hold the lease. Daugherty said the ticket window sign is correct, that the theatre will reopen this Friday (May 11) with The Ex, starring Zach Braff and Amanda Peet. Daugherty said movie goers can expect the theatre to continue to show first-run features, just as it did under Mann.

Hopefully, some of the foot traffic generated by the nearby Pinkberry will also spill over into the National, keeping the Westwood landmark open for a new generation of yogurt stuff loving youngsters.
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Mann National Theater

10925 Lindbrook Dr., Los Angeles, CA