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On the Market: Eich Carumba

Here's something we don't hate. This Eichler built rancho-style home in Orange has popped up on the market for a healthy price of $935,000. But no worries. We want this pretty penny to go to someone with the money to take care of it. The home was featured on the Winter 2005 cover of Atomic Ranch magazine, and features 4 beds/2 baths, a two-car garage, pool, hobby room, and walnut plank flooring. Via the Lotta Living forum, we learn that the home will be having an open house this Saturday, May 19th. We encourage those of you responsible for building those horrible mcmansions to visit this home and get inspired to stop producing shit.
What/Where: Single Family Home, Orange
Sq. Footage: 2,063 SF home on 8,400 SF lot
Retail Price: $935,000
· 5122 E. Elsinore Ave., Orange [Home Web site]
· Orange, CA Eichler home, Open House Invitation [Lotta Living]