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Mann National Open... but not for long.

[image of Mann National via]

A trusted e-mailer finds time to send us some additional info regarding the Mann National in Westwood. It was all too good to be true.

"Yes, the Mann National is closing, but not for another year or two. The property was acquired by Ron Simms (retail developer also infamous for challenging the fees at Warner Center). Friday they applied to demolish the existing structure (theater) and build a new 1-story retail building. The project is by-right except a few minor setback adjustments... so they should be under construction in about one year. They have no plans to close or begin demolition until all their entitlements for the new building are final and all the existing leases have run out. oh and the pinkberry has a [design review board] hearing on Wednesday since they actually opened and constructed their signage and improvements without permits - other than that indiscretion the application should sail through - who isn't for pinkberry? really?"

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Mann National Theater

10925 Lindbrook Dr., Los Angeles, CA