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Yahoo Goes Green

In the battle of the Internet behemoths, Google has been kicking Yahoo's butt for a while. But we're not here to discuss last quarter's filings. No, we'd rather pit the two on their green initiatives. So far, Google has been winning the war, with the company's announcement it was going to power its headquarters through solar power. And offering subsidies for buying hybrids. And serving hormone-free chicken, beef from free-range cows and eggs from cage-free hens in its cafeterias. And contracting with Al Gore as a consultant. And decorating with couches and carpets made from recycled materials. Ok, Google. We get it. You're very very green.

Now Yahoo steps up to the plate, with its Green Challenge. The Yahoo Build a Better Planet site is running a contest "to find and reward America's most eco-friendly city. Can your hometown claim that title? Join in now to help your city win a fleet of hybrid taxis, and get free compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) for your efforts." Whoa! Free LIGHT BULBS?! We're so in. This map will let us know where the city rankings stand, so maybe that whole crazy bike to work week will actually pay off.