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Old Spaghetti Factory...Going...Going....Gone?

[image of Old Spaghetti Factory via the indispensable]

While the Gerding Edlen project proposed for 5939 Sunset is moving forward, a reader emails us with an update on the soon-to-be-shuttered Old Spaghetti Factory:

I remember reading something recently about the new development around the Sunset Blvd location of The Old Spaghetti Factory and how the restaurant/building was going to be preserved. Apparently, that's not really true. The missus and I went to the OSF last night for dinner and were saddened to learn that the restaurant will in fact be permanently closing. They have a sign near the entrance telling guests that the last day will be June 19th and to please visit other SoCal OSF locations. Also, only the front half of the building will be spared, while the back half will be demolished. I'm curious to see how they'll incorporate it into the new development. According to our server, employees are being given the option to transfer, but he said he's just going to quit and work somewhere else. Even more interesting is that they're auctioning off EVERYTHING inside the restaurant: antiques & fixtures, restaurant & bar equipment. The auction will take place June 23rd, 2007 at 10 am, with inspection at 9 am.

Me? I'm wondering how much I can get the trolley car that's in the middle of the restaurant for. (our server also told us that whomever buys the trolley will have to crane it through the roof. small price to pay, i think.)

Looks like the OSF's time has finally come. Better get that dessert to go.