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Woody Allen Gone

Copyright infringement? Either American Apparel didn't secure the rights to use the Woody Allen image or the whole thing was a short-lived joke. NY (the billboard also ran there) blog Jewlicious is inclined to believe the former--as do we. All we know is that the Woody Allen billboard was taken down from Sunset/Alvarado; the above image, an older billboard that was actually there a while ago, is back. Will Woody sue AA? That'd be sorta brilliant.

UPDATE: User forgetowash claims to have the story in comments: "Woody Allen (or anyone in his camp) had no idea about these billboards till someone mentioned to him that "hey, i saw your billboard in the lower east side".. needless to say, they should be down any day now. what idiots, why wold they think that was ok to do without permission?"
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