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Storefronting: Bonus Afternoon Edition

[Image from Blackburn and Sweetzer]

LOS FELIZ - Blackburn and Sweetzer lets us know custom and vintage jewelry retailer Cake left its Melrose Avenue digs has expanded to two retail shops, one on Melrose Ave and a second one at 4649 Russell Avenue in Los Feliz. Fred 62 for lunch, Cake for dessert. Hee. The new store opens tonight.

DOWNTOWN - Last week we mentioned that Apartment 3 was leaving its La Brea location and speculated on where the store might be heading. A reliable source tells us the store is heading downtown. After all, those downtown loftdwellers need fashionable vintage clothes and housewares without having to drive to West 3rd Street.

PASADENA - All the bobo mommies in Pasadena have a new place to shop for their yoga attire. A reader lets us know "Lululemon Athletica shop will open in Pasadena May 25th at 110 W. Colorado Blvd. (next to Lather)." Now they won't need to drive all the way over to Beverly Hills to get their Dance Off V Neck tops made from organic cotton. Namaste!