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RPV's Trader Joe's & Golden Lotus

In reference to our CurbedWire blurb from earlier this week, Carter of comments fame emails us with a follow-up to our non-rumbling & bumbling question about the rumoured Trader Joe's in Ranchos Palos Verdes.

Golden Lotus is closing, and their license is being transferred to E. 15th St., Downtown LA, per here. Would think that story might merit investigation, or if it is an already certain one that Eater LA or you already know of, yet there is no dba, and I don't get to E. 15th St. tooooo often... checked into whether or not TJs had an application in yet, and they do not. However, there is a 7-11 under construction across the street, sort of, with an application approved, yet not issued since the construction is not completed. Thanks Misterrr Carter.
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