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Storefronting: Moss Moving In, Apt 3 Moving Out

[Image of Moss display by flickr user thomas.ovlisen]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - The godfather of all design shops, Moss in New York, is heading west. Soon Angelenos will be able to buy $16,000 porcelain roosters, without having to pay that extra $20 for shipping online.. While the NYTimes mentions the store will be 4,000 square feet, it doesn't mention location. Earlier this month, GQ said Melrose Place, so Moss will stick out like a sore thumb among all the fussy old antique shops.

HOLLYWOOD - Blackburn and Sweetzer lets us know vintage boutique Apartment 3 is moving out of its La Brea digs. No word yet on where the store is heading but they're throwing a bash this weekend and proceeds go to the Silverlake Music Conservatory. Could that mean the store is headed east?

LOS ANGELES - Why can't we stop writing about Pinkberry? What is with our sick obsession? We wish we knew. 4SunKids Inc, the largest franchise owner of what may or may not be frozen yogurt is hiring for about 8 new outlets, including the Venice and Beverly Hills locations. Also slated to open imminently: Brentwood, Century City, and Little Tokyo.