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Pinkberry Sued: Is it Really Fro Yo??

The Daily Breeze reports that localite Bryan Williams (no relation) has sued Pinkberry and its founder Hwekyung "Shelly" Hwang for passing off the tasty treat as yogurt when in fact it's nothing of the sort.

According to Williams' suit, the Pinkberry dessert is nothing more than a powder-based product mixed with water or milk that is "sold in this adulterated state without notice to consumers of its ingredients." Pinkberry is marketed as frozen yogurt "to deceive the public and to profit from that deception," the suit states.

The suit requests that Pinkberry stop marketing its product as frozen yogurt. Pinkberry may also be required to pay a fine if found guilty of passing off non-yo as fro-yo.
· Lawsuit alleges trendy Pinkberry product isn't actually frozen yogurt [Daily Breeze]