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Lettuce + Julius Shulman

The LA Weekly's People 2007 has a plethora of worthwhile linkage about important Angelenos doing interesting things. We're happy to see that our friends at the architecture/design firm Lettuce have a nice featurette. Via the Weekly:

“Our dream project is a post office, a school or a civic building where everyone has to go — a grand space that addresses the community,” says Kara Bartelt, one half of the team that started Lettuce, among the freshest architecture-and-design firms to come around in a while. Iconic photographer Julius Shulman is also featured. Mr. Shulman, who has witnessed and photographed some of the country's most impressive modern architecture, still gets around at age 96 and is still actively working. We saw him at the Dwell on Design conference in Palm Springs last year when we weren't passed out drunk. He seemed like a nice guy. Yay architecture! Somebody cue the 3-2-1 Contact rap.
· Kara Bartelt and Michael Chung (Lettuce) [LA Weekly]
· Julius Shulman [LA Weekly]