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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Not Rubbish

With our combined powers, we have managed to answer all the questions this week. Hopefully, we put the Fountain/Western question to rest, unless they start digging. Then we have no clue. For next week, please email us at with your latest question. Thank you.

1) Silver Lake: Nick Bianco of Rubbish Interiors comments on the fate of Rubbish and the block: "Regarding the building at 1628-38 Silverlake Blvd., much of the space is indeed being converted into a restaurant. Eater LA and Curbed should get all the details in the next couple of weeks.

Rubbish Interiors will remain in that building and we have TEMPORARILY closed our store during renovation. We plan to reopen that store in July, as well as expand our store on the other side of the street in late June/July.

Cal-Asia is doing the construction for the restaurant. They do construction for many high-end restaurants, including, most recently, Mozza. Rubbish Interiors will be doing the interior design of the space."

2) Jefferson Park: Pete, indeed, you were almost right. However, we get a comment from Nichols that answers the q about the strange little building on the MTA right-of-way. "From Jim Walker, MTA librarian and author of "Pacific Electric Red Cars (Images of Rail)": "It was a register station and used to have a door. It was used by streetcar or freight train conductor to write in the Register Book when and who was there. It was used in lieu of signals when on a single-track line (cars and trains ran both ways). The round part of the structure is poured concrete. It was for the crews, not the passengers."

3) Hollywood: We'll take a stab at this one. It actually looks like storage, possibly for CalTrans or similar City/State work crews. Lots of trucks and materials, kind of like the stuff they're using to fix up the sides of the freeway. No permits have been pulled and no zoning actions taken on the site. We drove by a couple of weeks ago, FYI.

4) Koreatown: We know this one, too. The Courtyard Madang project is progressing just dandily. They had some issues initially with environmental cleanup due to some sort of leaky underground gas storage from a former gas station across the street, but are on target to finish up in November, if we remember correctly.

5) Century City: Hilary in the comments answers the fresh veggies in Century City question: "The Century City Farmer's Market is closed indefinitely because of the construction of The Century condos on Constellation. The vendors said they were hoping to come back though, just in a different location. Hasn't happened as of yet. I'll let ya know if we see them again--we miss them!"

6) Hancock Park: Commenter and negatively impacted former resident Steve answers regarding the teardowns at 6th and Ridgeley: "i used to live at 6th & ridgeley for many years. it makes me sad to see so many buildings coming down in miracle mile. i know they were planning condos for that space. we actually moved because our building was one of the ones torn down. it's been in the works for a while, we moved over a year ago but the buildings were only recently torn down. the developer was waiting to acquire even more property with two more buildings next to ours. last i heard the original plans tripled in size. as if that street didn't have enough traffic."