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Villaraigosa: High On Life and Public Transit

US News and World Report gives our mayor a national stage from which to sing his vision for the future of LA's transportation and housing. And there is no sign of doubt, depression or skepticism in his voice. No sirree, bob! We will get our subway to the sea, our urban infill, our affordable housing. Its going to take "billions and billions and tens of billions of dollars and beyond." Nothing is gonna keep him down. When US News asks "How optimistic are you about achieving your transportation agenda?" Villaraigosa transforms into Pollyanna: "Very optimistic! I'm optimistic about life! Look, the role of leadership is to develop a vision and a plan to accomplish that vision, at the same time, nurturing the community support to make that vision a reality. So you're not deterred where people are today–you recognize your job as to help bring them along." We want a little of whatever Antonio's having, please.
· Q&A: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa [US News]