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McMansion Envy #032

Somebody alert the architect! They've accidentally put the front on the back and the back on the front. At least we hope so, otherwise this Burbank disaster is a big f-u to the neighbors. How'd you like to see that big ugly wall with two port holes staring at you everyday as you drive by. The realtor description states "landscaping designed by an Internationally known architect." No word on the fame, err, infamy of the home architect. This contemporary Spanish home features 4 beds, 4 baths, a lovely pool and spa, and we have to admit the landscaping looks nice. Plus plasma TVs in two rooms! You really never have to see the front if you close your eyes as you pull into the garage. Retail Price: $1,695,000.
· 407 S. Orchard Drive, Burbank, CA [Homesby]