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Newest HPOZ Hotspot: Leimert Park?

It seems that business owners in Leimert Park are strongly resisting the city's redevelopment efforts and real estate development. With rising rents and higher property values, business owners are trying to beat back the imminent approach of gentrification in this historically Black neighborhood. Its that age-old story of residents, developers, and local businesspeople battling over the future of the neighborhood: "how it should be defined and who should live and work there." What local business owners fear the most: Starbucks-swilling, Gap-wearing, Pinkberry-eating white people. Yes, the twin specter of chain stores and Caucasians has this neighborhood requesting HPOZ designation to limit construction. Also a threat? Hispanic immigrants moving in as middle-class black families move to the suburbs. Best way to fight the man these days - they're taking it to the Web.
· Future of Post-Riot Leimert Park Unsure [The York Dispatch]